Diving Elba island

Diving at Elba island, a perfect holiday in Tuscany and have fun snorkeling in the most beautiful beaches in Italy

Diving at Elba Island: dive to the seabed, discover the best places to observe the subaquatic fauna and marine flora. Bring your Elba holiday underwater together with the Talas Diving Center team. Get the most of this Tuscan island, diving and snorkeling represent the most interesting outdoor activities to enjoy with all the family, including little children. It's fun to study shipwrecks, diving from boats or starting from the ground. If it is your first time, take courage, it will be your baptism by the sea!

The excellent zone for snorkeling in Elba, and for the other subaquatic diving experiences, is near the cliff of Portoferraio or Scoglio della Nave, Corbella, Focacciaiola, or Punta del Nasuto, Madonna and Cannelle rocks, as well as the whole protected area of Pianosa. Diving from Biodola to Lacona, or Cavo Marina di Campo you can contemplate the beauties of the underwater universe, inhabited by corals, kingfishes, lobsters, moray eels, octopus, sea breams, conger eels, shrimps, redfish and many other species.

Do not miss the caves and tunnels of the Secca del Careno, the Elviscot Wreck present since 1972 in front of the beach of Pomonte, as well as the Shallow Fetovaia and Capo Fonza, Formiche dello Zanca, Picchi di Pablo, Sassi Neri and German military airplane wreck of Junkers 52, that was shot down in 1944 and fell to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea just few minutes distance from our suites. Exciting diving opportunities, explore the fascinating waters of Elba, the ideal island for a holiday of charm.