Elba island sea

Elba Island: the sea and much more! Your holiday in Tuscany (excursions and suggestions)

Choose Elba Island, the sea is a dreamlike vision. Elba Island, a holiday awaits, with the sea, splendid beaches, little hamlet and villages, breathtaking views and crystal clear Caraibic waters. But don't forget that your relaxing stay on Elba Island is in Tuscany: you can easily and quickly get to Piombino near to Livorno - wherever you desire to go, there are several excursions in the land of Medici and of Renaissance.

Florence is the first on the list. This capital of an ancient kingdom offers you a one-day tour among art and culture, with its magnificent museums (Accademia Gallery and Uffizi absolutely not to miss), stunning places of interest like Ponte Vecchio and infinite hidden and romantic corners, where you can recognize the medieval origins.

Hills and plains of Chianti could be another area to explore. A region of contrasts and countryside, oil and wine, tradition and innovation. Pisa and Lucca, two small cities easily explored on foot. Both are famous for a tower: Pisa for the leaning tower, while Lucca for the Giunigi's crowned by a tree garden, situated next to the city walls park.

Siena with its Palio, Piazza del Campo (the main square) and narrow stone-paved streets of downtown are surely something to visit. During your holiday learn and discover the "arte degli Speziali" (chemical and market art) in a setting of royal times and magnificence. And still more: Pistoia, Arezzo, Cortona, Volterra, San Gimignano, Pienza - places of unique and particular atmospheres, where you get lost to obtain harmony.