Elba island trekking

Elba Island and trekking, get the most of your holiday on this Tuscan island

Elba Island, trekking here is not just visiting the Elba countryside during a holiday, but to enjoy little excursions that present charming emotions, connecting people to the extraordinary local beauties of Tuscany, giving the opportunity to observe the island's unique flora. Among caprili (old shepherds' buildings), ancient Etruscan ruins and "tratturi" (cattle driver paths) you can find some plant species existing only here!

Go trekking, following the path of St.Andrea or those of Pomonte, Rio nell'Elba or Marina di Campo, or among the untouched nature of the Monte Capanne, allows you to witness the change of completely different microclimates, from the breathtaking beaches to the wood areas, up to one of the world's most interesting mineral contexts in the Eastern part of the island. To visit this lands does not mean to know them. The soul of this place is sincere, genuine, but a bit shy: to understand the natural particularity, vocation, and spirit of Elba, you need to walk in silence, look, learn. Exploring this Tuscan island on foot is an intense experience, in close contact with wildlife, stunning marine sunsets, sea skyline with sharp peaks of cliffs over crystal clear waters. A world segmented in thousand landscapes, a single land to discover through a trekking holiday.

You can begin your exploration starting from the beautiful Biodola area, where the suites of Baia Bianca are situated, walking any time of the year along with various trails. Elba island holiday, experience the best trekking in Tuscany.