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Elba island holidays with kids

Elba island, the perfect holidays with kids, a natural cosmos to explore

Elba island, enjoy your holidays with kids, the ideal vacation immersed in the pure nature of Tuscany. The hospitality complex Baia Bianca Suites is located in the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, the largest protected marine area in Europe. Established in 1996, it includes all the islands, the islets and the rocks that mark this small but very special piece of Italy.

Begin your holidays in Tuscany exploring every single beach beginning from the charming Gulf of Biodola: our resort is an excellent starting point to admire the wonders of this immense reserve. The flora is dominated by evergreen plants and relevant is the presence of the Linaria of Capraia. The fauna is characterized by the presence of migratory birds, venturone, sordone, raganella tirrenica, discoglosso sardo, geco tarantolino and the gabbiano corso, a symbol of a breathtaking environment.

The seabed also expresses a specific biodiversity due to the different formations (magmatic and sedimentary) that have resulted in the emergence of any outcrop. Together with many patellas you will find with the dog teeth, the curls, the starfish, the octopus and thousand of saraghis. Offshore or in the submarine posidonia meadows you can meet endless species of fish, even tuna, moon fish and dolphins.

Elba island, Tuscany, your kids will definitely fall in love with our land.The Mediterranean climate allows the tourist to visit the park throughout the year.