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Elba island images

Elba island images, browse our gallery of photos and book your delightful stay

Elba Island, a collection of images and photos to show the stunning natural context in which Baia Bianca Suites is located (a luxury accommodation with services beyond a 5-star hotel). Unfortunately, images can’t represent fully the harmonic beauty of this land. So many different microclimates run across this small island of the Tuscan archipelago, minerals, high mountains that reach a thousand meters, colorful countryside, intersected by rows of grapes and dotted with medieval villages. The green of the land transforms into the precious white of the sandy beaches and gulfs with the stony shore, meeting the Caribbean waters of the crystal clear sea.

There are no words or pictures that are able to depict all the majesty of a rustic and luxurious, authentic and modern island. We put here some panoramas only to invite you to experience it in person. Join us in the Gulf of Biodola, an elegant and superb setting that hosts our tailor-made hospitality complex.

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