Elba island wedding

Elba island wedding, royal events for honeymooners in Tuscany

Elba island wedding, in the stunning location of Baia Bianca Suites, our villas are the perfect start of a dreamlike, sensual and enticing honeymoon. Inside our villas for wedding you will live through a peaceful and lovely atmosphere, every time of year, from may or june to september. In winter your wedding can boast of a different exotic and refined context. Elba is the most romantic place in the entire Italy, ideal to accommodate a newly couple in love with their dreams about the future. A journey characterized by the charm of the Caribbean crystal clear waters, a setting capable of remembering the Maldives for the beautiful beach, bathed by a sea of ​​amazing colors: you will experience the atmosphere of a fascinating movie, lulled by the aromas of the Mediterranean maquis and the salty breeze . B. Bistrot, the restaurant of our resort hotel welcomes you with a dinner by candlelight and a menu of seafood and fresh ingredients, prepared according to slow food recipes, including preparations of Elban tradition and innovative cuisine with modern touches. Enjoy the view of the sunset and wait for the astonishing raise up of the Moon. You will live a detoxing vacation in a relaxing microcosm of passion, in an almost inaccessible destination, you will remember forever in your heart this island. Our stays are tailor made, if present, we will also take care of your child, building a proposal able to fulfill the wishes of all family members. Browse the pages online and begin to taste the luxury travel in a charming 5 stars ambientation.