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Elba island tasting menu

Elba island tasting menu, the perfect restaurant to get the most of Tuscany at table

Elba island tasting menu, take part in our tastings! The Island of Elba is varied and uneven; the presence of different microclimates and diverse areas allow restaurant B.Bistrot to realize many traditional recipes of Tuscany. The excellence of local products reflects the meeting of mountains with the Tyrrhenian sea and the limestone soil with the sun. We see the slow food preparations as an ideal way to discover an important cultural layer that represents the roots of our history.

Taste Elba, where the seafood engages with the sublime fruit of cultivating a Vermentino grape, while the game is crowned by the unusual bouquet of Syrah. Baia Bianca Suites with its sea-view restaurant gives you the opportunity to get to the authentic soul of this Tuscan island.

The Mediterranean maquis, herbs, scents and smells, that embrace you during your stay, strongly impact the divine flavor of the characteristic foods. Just think of liquors like limoncino, arancino, myrtle, and grappa; or extra virgin olive oil obtained from species like Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino, which never exceed a 0.3 acidity.

And don't leave out a more recent beer-making tradition, or jam and honey, but the real gems of the area are wines like Rosato, Ansonica, Aleatico, and Moscato. Make yourselves comfortable in our restaurant, in our menu, the whole Elba island is waiting.