Seaside Elba restaurant

Seaside Elba restaurant, live delightful vacations in the Elba island, near Portoferraio

B. Bistrot, the excellent Seaside Elba restaurant of Baia Bianca Suites, the gourmet proposal of the island, near Portoferraio, here for you anytime of the day with its high-quality, slow food. Early in the morning, this is the best place to get refreshed and have a breakfast, Italian or International, both with carefully chosen local, seasonal ingredients. The joy to start a new day after a refreshing sleep and relaxing in the rooms.

An aperitif takes place few meters from the beach with a breathtaking view of the sunset over the sea. In this magic moment, the culinary art of finger food meets cocktail happy hour: sipping slowly while enjoy a stunning setting with light music in the background, lulled by the gentle sea breeze.

A light lunch is perfect for those who love tasting, but do not want to miss time away from theon beautiful Caribbean beaches, while dinner is elaborated and romantic, a joyful experience created to crown a day on luxury vacation. Tradition engages innovation in a candlelit meal, fresh Mediterranean sea fish accompanied by a selection of local white and red wines. Exclusive recipes get inspired on ancient experiences to bring even the most refined palates to seventh heaven.

An excellent Elba island restaurant in the very heart of the Tuscan archipelago, ideal also for quick snacks or just a coffee break!